Thursday, July 4, 2013


While the generally very gentle Shade is having issues lately with Zuri, with whom she generally gets along great, and is a bit more on the offensive with Pixel than she used to be, she's still very good with Piper.

While she's always looked like she wanted to be Piper's "friend", Piper seemed to have little interest. However, lately Piper has been the one making a few steps towards Shade, trying to play with her "scraps" (he likes smaller pieces of wood so that works out nicely) when they are out of the cage; coming to eat whatever piece of a treat she will discard when they get something out of the cage (he generally gets a smaller piece due to his smaller size). And, most recently, he's trying to hang out next to her more and more often.

Of course, I let this happen only under strict supervision, but so far Shade has appeared happy with that turn of events.

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