Friday, July 5, 2013

Some toys I'm in no hurry to give to the birds!

It sounds totally silly, I know!

But when it comes to the "snuglies" being sold by Danita at Things for Wings, toys that are made of chain, fleece and natural wood coins, I tend to have a slight hoarding tendency (I have, however, slowly starting giving up the ones I've been holding onto for a few months, if not for over a year...).

Lately, she's had a liquidation sale on her Facebook page for such toys, and I indulged and got two of them.

The toys arrived earlier this week and I was actually surprised by how big they are - and the pictures below do NOT do them justice!

This first one has coins of ocotillo - I have found that Léa seems to prefer the harder ocotillo over the willow or cottonwood; therefore, this one will eventually be destined for her cage (she currently has a snugly in there that she needs to go through first, before I give her this new one).

The second one has coins of willow - and will probably be given to Shade, who has the biggest appreciation for this type of wood. However, I might also decide, due to the size of the toy, to hang it in a common out of cage area so that any of the birds can chew on the coins.

Thank you Danita!

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