Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Got some mail!

I was in need of more pellets so I recently placed an order with Danita at Things for Wings for a large bag (10lbs) of TOPs and since I was going to pay for shipping, I thought I might as well maximize shipping costs and add a few toys to the order. The fact that I *thought* (what I think and what reality is could very well be two very different things here) that I was running low on toys was another push to add a few to the order.

Since Léa recently destroyed her last "Léa's toy", and that she seems to love it a lot, I got her a brand new one.

I also recently provided Joey and Shade with a toy form the Daffodil collection. While Shade is still working at hers, Joey destroyed his in a matter of days, and given how much he seemed to like it, I got him a new one.

For Shade, Pixel and Zuri, I got some "Baskets of cherries". The combination of items easily shredded, pine, balsa and yucca will entice Pixel and Zuri, who are a bit more picky on toys, and I doubt it'll last long within Shade's cage.

These two items came as "freebies" and were used to keep large plastic bags in which the toys came closed. I like that Danita used items I can then reuse in homemade toys or simply just give to the birds to chew on.

And not to worry - I didn't forget to order toys for Petey and Piper. Given these two are pretty easy going on their toys, I still have a large stash dedicated to them, and since I was trying to keep my order on the "reasonable" side, I figured I'd get them something next time (and I'm sure the pile of toys waiting to be given to them will still be as big...)

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you are the best Natacha!