Saturday, August 24, 2013

A week-end of toys: IGAW haul!

A week-end of toys? I found that was fitting given this will be the first of three toy-related posts on the blog over the week-end.

IGAW (for I got a woody), is based in the States and although I've been quite tempted to order on a few occasions, I never did since shipping from the States can be cost prohibitive (boxes of wooden bird toys do tend to get heavy...)

A few weeks ago, Dawn and Leslie, owners of IGAW, announced that to celebrate the first year anniversary of the store, were going to offer free shipping to the States as well as taking off $20 on shipping to Canada for a limited time. Seeing how my biggest issue with ordering was shipping costs and that $20 would automatically be taken off, I put in an order.

I remembered having been supplied with a tracking number, although until yesterday, I didn't think of checking the parcel's progress. Lo and behold, when I did finally get curious about its status and checked, it had arrived and there had been an attempted delivery!

So after work we got the box from the post office and here are the toys I ordered!

Woody Wreath (1/4" pine, under "Needful Things)

It is a beautiful toy/swing! The base is made of straw wreath (which Piper adores!) and there is plenty of 1/2" pine squares to chew (which will be loved by the smaller guys), as well as some larger squares of pine with wooden beads inserted (I can foresee Joey and Zuri wanting to get them out). Because it's so versatile in a way, and will appeal to many of the birds for different reasons, this toy will likely be hung in the bird room so they can all enjoy it (although I might try to keep Léa away from it because she would destroy it in no time).

Venetian (under Wood Base Bird Toys)

Another toy made of thin (1/4") pine slats! It also happened to be the "Toy of the Month" and had an additional sale applied to it. No matter, this is right up my birds alley in terms of "favourite toy"! The pine slats are very nicely finished too!

Stairway to Heaven (under Basswood toys)

I had never heard of basswood before, and, according to the IGAW website, it is softer than pine and a little harder than balsa, which sounds like something my Littles would enjoy. Combine that with some cork, and I'm sure the toy will be a hit!

Santeria (under Nature Walk)

What really made me want to order from IGAW for some time were the "natural" toys, just like the one above (and below). The combination of different natural textures..I can see a few birds enjoying this one so it might be a shared toy..or maybe I'll give it to one of my heavier chewers and keep the one below for another heavy chewer...

Witch doctor (under Nature Walk)

The last toy! Another "natural" toy which looks like a lot of fun! Lots of pine and cork amongst other natural materials (such as cottonwood coins), I'm sure a few of the birds would be happy to get this one under their beaks!

So all in all, I am very pleased with the quality of the toys! The packaging in the box was very nice (nothing was broken, as might happen with thinner pieces of wood). However, even with the shipping discount, the shipping cost was very similar to what I would pay within Canada, so I probably will order again if there is some type of discount (whether on toys or on shipping) to offset that cost - which probably won't be a problem as I've seen them have a sale here and there. But I would still recommend you give their website (and their toys), a try!

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