Friday, August 9, 2013

A new cage!

I had indicated in a post earlier this week considering ordering another Kings Cage aluminum travel cage for the purpose of bringing birds outside (and not having Piper in a small a cage as he's been in the past). Well, it turns out I didn't do much consideration before pulling the trigger, as indicated by the box I received today in the mail...

To be honest though, I had always envisioned getting as many of these cages as I have birds. Initially, I had thought of getting, in the medium size, two blue cages, two silver cages and two bronze cages (to change things up a little and I dislike the red and gold versions of the cages). It turns out, because vendors in Canada, or at least those with whom I've done business for these cages so far, seem to prefer carrying the blue model, hence, I added my third blue cage to the "collection" today.

This brings my total of aluminum cages to four in medium size (I do have one in silver) and one in large size (also silver). I do like their size for outside outings and, more specifically, I love how sturdy they feel. Bringing birds outside makes me uneasy, and a flimsy cage wouldn't help. I don't much fear these cages accidentally busting open, as I would with cages only held together just by clips.

At the moment, the place I found these cages for the best value in Canada has been at La Volière; the medium cages have free shipping (always a bonus!) and the price is the lowest I've seen in the last few months. Combined with a system of rewards points (which I had a few of, from purchasing a cage a few months ago) which can be redeemed for monetary value (yay added discount!), well it made sense for me to order there.

Because of recent rumours surrounding the aluminum line at Kings Cage affecting supply, I just grabbed what was available; I had been keeping an eye on La Volière's website and they had been sold out of the cages for a few weeks. The last time I ordered, I was able to request a specific colour (silver) at no extra charge, so for anyone in search of an aluminum travel cage in a particular colour (other than blue), don't hesitate to email the owners! Just note that a non-refundable deposit will be required and you will have to wait until the next shipment.

Finally, I put my order in on Wednesday and got my cage today. I wasn't expecting it so fast but am thrilled as, weather permitting, the birds will go outside again and no one will be stuck in a small cage!

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