Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dangling Léa

I'll start by providing a little context.

Occasionally, Léa will go all "crazy bird" and dangle upside down by one of the strands off the stainless steel twirl toy base we have in the orange room (next to the atom). However, the moment she feels watched, she'll stop and hurry back to the atom in the upright position.

So, knowing this, when Léa went crazy earlier today and, of course, I wanted to try and take pictures, I picked up my camera as quick as I could, turned it on and proceeded to shoot with whatever settings it was on and crossed my fingers something would come out. Given that I had previously took pictures in a room that was a tad darker, I was a bit concerned that pictures would turn out too bright but I was very happy that I happened to have my 30mm lens on (as opposed to the 50mm that had been on for ages), as I had shot toy pictures earlier today.

While the pictures did come out a tad too bright, there were still a few I could use!

And here they are.

"She saw me!"


"Stop taking pictures!"

(Now I had a picture of her reaching the atom that could have been inserted here, but it was too blurry to share)

"You saw nothing!"

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