Saturday, August 10, 2013

The new cage gets some use

It's a lovely day so outside we went for an hour or so, to get some sun!

Left to right: Léa, Shade, Zuri, Piper, Pixel, Petey, Joey

Pixel ended up in the new cage so Piper got the wire cage. I was debating putting him in the travel cage or not, but I'm still unsure about the bar spacing for a lovebird; I'll have to do some measuring.

But since I had no individual picture of Piper last time I posted pictures from outside, here is one that came out not too bad today:

Piper also had a friend of sorts early in the outing; a little finch (?) flew to the corner of our house and was chirping back and forth with Piper, until I got up to attempt and get pictures from a little closer and he flew away.

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