Saturday, August 24, 2013

A week-end of toys: T4W haul!

Today I received my recent Things for Wings order, hand delivered no less!

Danita recently had a 10% off selected food sale, so I took the opportunity the replenish my dwindling TOPs supply. On the same occasion, I added a few toys to the order, which made it look very similar to my previous T4W order.

A testament to Danita's great customer service, when faced with the obligation to go out of town, she messaged me asking how urgent it was that I receive my food, since the toys I added were to be handmade and she couldn't ship the order until then. Given that I have a certain time thing going against me, I said sooner was better than later. Well, she took some time to make the toys and have them ready before her departure. I later learned she was actually heading to my town and brought my order with her!

This will just get added to the long list of reasons why I am a repeat customer!

Anyways, my (small) order consisted of the following -

10 lbs bag of TOPs (pellets)

4 "Basket of cherries"

These are for the bigger chewers amongst the Littles - the combination of balsa, pine, yucca and other easy to shred materials makes this a favourite amongst the flock.

The "Backwoods Sampler"

This one is for Léa, she had one in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it, I figured it was time to get her another! She is really craving harder woods lately and this will make her happy!

Finally, another big thank you to Danita for the in person delivery (and awesome toys)!

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