Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another step forward

This morning I experienced another step forward with Léa.

We were in the orange room and I had to go down to the main floor to prep something for dinner (long and slow cooking involved). I didn't want to leave her up unsupervised so I checked if she would step up nicely onto my arm, which she did. Now the trickier part was bringing her down, as she hasn't allowed me to do that in some time but, once in the hallway, she remained firmly on my arm and made some cute little noises. Great. Next step was going down the stairs without her flying back up to the banister. And again, she just remained on my arm. I put her on the Java tree we have down there, wondering if she would fly around and get into trouble (which she has in the past) but no, she remained on the tree until I was ready to go back upstairs. I asked her to step up once more, she did (on my arm again, not my hand) and up the stairs we went, with her staying on my arm until I got her to step down on a play structure in the orange room.

I was quite proud of her!

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