Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Progress with Léa

We (well I) had some progress with Léa lately. For one, she's much calmer than she was when we left for our Holidays. This means that she is attempting to go after my fingers less (I feel like she was starting to view them as a chew toy at times), and, I think the same can be said about her going after the Boy's fingers (she'll only attempt to "bite" (these are not as hard as she has the potential to make them) if she doesn't want to do something).

But the biggest improvement, and I'll cross my fingers that it wasn't a one-time deal happened on Sunday. Generally, if let lose in the birdroom, she'll go in spots where it is hard to retrieve her (higher spots where if the Littles go, they'll come down if we hand them a perch, Léa, not so much) and "taunts" the Boy (since he had better luck to get her to step up than I did for a while). Well on Sunday I wanted pictures of her in that room, namely on the atom, so we tried. Recent past experience were that she wouldn't stay put for very long, but on Sunday, she posed nicely and stayed on the atom until I was done. Feeling positive about the experience so far, I offered her my forearm for her to step up so I could bring her in the orange room and she did so without a fuss and stayed there until I put her down on a gym in the orange room. I was quite proud of her and she got praised plenty, verbally and with pumpkin seeds!

I don't know if part of the reasons things got better is that I now get to spend one-on-one time with her in the mornings, where I find her to be generally in a better disposition than the old afternoon time slot - but I guess I might keep the alternating between Littles and her in the morning, even when we revert to our old schedule (leaving for work earlier) in a few weeks.

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Fernand said...

Knowing Fanfan, the first Cape I raised almost 8 years ago, I can tell you how calm they are in their adult age. So nice to hear from Lea!!!