Wednesday, October 16, 2013


For the next few weeks, our schedule will change (a work thing). Because of this, the birds get a longer out of cage time in the morning but won't get to come out twice in the evening (between us coming home from work and dinner time slot, as we get home later). Because of this change, instead of always having the Littles in the morning, the Boy and I will "flip" it around, or rather mix it up, where one morning I get them and he has Léa, and the next day we switch. The after dinner time stays the same, where the Littles come out first and Léa comes out on her own after. So far, "morning Léa" (something I haven't experience this early in the morning, as they come out later on the week-ends and we do "shared" time like on a regular week day evening) has been interesting. She's doing something she hasn't really done before, something that keeps her busy yet out of trouble, something that will grab her attention for quite some time (impressive!). She stands on the computer desk and tries to get wood chips out of the crack between the glass top and the metal base. It's quite funny to see her do this, as she turns around a lot, trying to get the best angle. Entertaining and much better than her trying to go for my fingers or the computer screen!

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