Sunday, October 27, 2013

October's "Cooking for the birds"

This post is actually somewhat overdue, as I made the batch of food over the Thanksgiving long week-end in Canada (aka October 12th-14th). But being generally busy and not wanting to spend a ton of time on the computer when I get home, well I haven't really got to this until now (I figured the post had to go up in October at least).

As it was the case when I made a large batch of food in September, I wasn't close to running out what I had made previously when I tackled this batch, but rather the drive to make more food came from the fact that I had time (three day week-end) and that I was worried the first frost was around the corner and I harvested whatever greens (chard) I had in the garden over that week-end and I still had the Farmer's market around to get more fresh vegetables (incidentally, this week-end was the last week-end with a Farmer's market around here until next Spring).

So what went in?

The greens -

The rest of the vegetables -

I tried to replicate what I did in September and have more vegetables than grains/legumes. I think I was fairly successfull, although out of the vegetables pictured above, I didn't manage the put the bell peppers in as the tub of food was just that full towards the end.

-Black kale (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Rainbow chard (pictured - from my garden)
-Beets & tops (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Broccoli (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Cauliflower (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Rainbow carrots (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Brussels sprouts (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Scarlet runner beans (pictured - from my garden)
-Some heirloom type of green beans (pictured - from my garden)
-Squash (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Sweet potato (pictured - from the Farmers market)
-Chilies (pictured - from my garden)
-Chick peas
-Adzuki beans
-Mung beans
-Organic purple barley

I'm not sure what I'll be doing next, as I've grown accustomed these last few months on having a variety of fresh vegetables to work with.

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