Friday, January 3, 2014

3:365 - Goof

I wanted a picture of him sticking his wings up, since he's been doing it like crazy lately. But, of course, with a camera pointed towards him, he mostly preened...and preened some more.

At one point, I was quite hopeful that I would *finally* get the picture I was after, since he was stretching both his wings (one at a time of course) sideways and downwards, which he generally then follows with stretching them upwards...but he didn't do it! He did that twice! Eventually, this meant that both the Boy and myself tried to coax him to stretch his wings that way by stretching our arms; which I'm sure meant we looked ridiculous.

I guess it somewhat worked, since I eventually got this picture; the very last one I took in the session too. And while it's not entirely what I was after (I wanted to see both wings clearly up), he has such a goof look on him, I'm quite happy with the picture!

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