Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Hatchday Léa!

Léa turns 3 today!

How time flies! It feels like just yesterday I was wondering if she was in fact a boy when she lost all the coral on her head around nine months of age...before it slowly came back.

The last year was interesting. When they say terrible twos....well, she took full advantage of it! She wasn't terrible to deal with, but she did test her boundaries a lot, including what she can do with her beak. Over the past few months, she has started to calm back down, which makes me really hope it was just a phase. Don't get me wrong, I went into this whole getting a baby parrot thing knowing there would be a time where things would be a bit more difficult, as she was learning what was ok to do and what wasn't. I just didn't remember how exactly it went, although I think things were a bit smoother with Piper and Shade.

One reason I really like Pois is because they have quite a bit of personality, know exactly what they like and don't like and will stick by that. Just now, Léa has decided that a toy belongs on the ground and I keep bringing it back up (as I would forget it is there and likey step on it and I doubt it would be pleasant.) Well she's having none of it, keeps throwing it back down AND is now throwing other items, likely just to prove she can. And while some people would find it annoying, I also find it amusing, because every time something goes flying off the table, she gives me a look...

Anyways, enough rambling!

Happy hatchday Léa!

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