Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lovebirds on a head

This morning we went over to my parents' place - this way, I could give my mother her Mother's Day gift and the Boy could watch the Formula One race with my father.

I spent quite some time taking pictures of the "accessible" birds (read almost all of those that aren't located in a large birdroom in the basement, as I didn't feel like dealing with lose cockatoos on the ground, especially since they sounded quite active this morning.)

I was going to post three sets of pictures, but, given that I ended up with many that I liked of the "pair" of lovebirds, I had to split their set of pictures in two, and I will start with pictures of both of them together on my dad's head.

This one is my favourite of the bunch!..

...and this one is a close second!

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