Sunday, May 18, 2014

Petey's "sacrificial alter"

Omnious sounding title, isn't it?

What am I referring to? Well, take a look below.

Over the last few weeks, he's apparently made a habit of eating his breakfast on his flagstone perch. This concept is not a new one in our home, as Zuri, Pixel and even Joey have shown this habit in the past. But it is a very new thing for Petey. 

He actually didn't use to touch his breakfast much, only if he happened to be in the mood to eat any of the offered fruit at the time - you can't presume that he'll always like a fruit if you see him eat it one week, he could easily not touch it the following week. I've often viewed him as a picky eater.

However, rather suddenly, he's started to eat the offered fresh food more consistently, and is now doing so while standing on his flagstone perch. To quote the Boy "oh yeah, he now mashes his raspberry into his piece of toast".

I am not knocking him eating more diversified food, but I'm not sure we can call him the "cleanest" bird when it comes time to not making a mess throughout the cage anymore.

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