Monday, January 31, 2011

2 years!

We've had Zuri for two years now.
The shy and nervous little bird that first came here has gained some self confidence...maybe a bit too much at times.

He's the most independent of my birds, relishing being in our company (by that I mean the humans and the rest of the bird flock), yet will happily play with toys instead of wanting to snuggle most of the time - and that ok.

Here he is in his "natural element" - playing.

He can be quite mischievous at times as well - enjoying chasing the other birds, not to harm them but just for the thrill to have them fly away. If one of them happens to stand their ground when he flies next to them, he looks puzzled for a second and then just goes away to find something else to do.

He's the youngest of my flock and will be turning 3 in May.

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