Saturday, January 1, 2011

From 6 to 8 - Days 17 to 22

6 days without any updates.

Things have continued to go reasonably well. Nemo has been coming into the living room with the rest of the flock more while Itsy had the birdroom to herself and would come out for an hour or so alone with us in the living room at some other time in the day.

Shade is occasionally giving me the stink eye though - I do believe she'll be happy when the visitors will be gone. I do keep offering her my shoulder first, but she just flies off to another place so I'll allow another bird to be on the shoulder - and that seems like it's too much for her. Tonight she looked particularly annoyed so after a little spat she had with Zuri, I just picked her up and put her down on my shoulder and she stayed. She even cuddled. Pixel kept trying to creep in but I kept her away and would scratch her head all the same.

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