Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitchen = Woooo!

I might have mentioned in the past about how Pixel will fly to me if I happen to be in the kitchen (why that is, I don't know) and when she lands she goes "Wooooo!".

Cute thing.

Turns out it's not a victory cry for properly landing on me in the kitchen. I've done an experiment lately..I would go in the kitchen with her already on me. And, invariably from one time to the next, she would go "Woooo" even if no flight/landing was involved.

I guess being in the kitchen regardless of how she got there merits the "Woooo".

Oh and if anyone request a video of this, I doubt it will happen. She normally will always come to me if I happen to be in the kitchen and she's not. The other day I wanted to video her flight to me / "Woooo" by going in the kitchen and seeing what would happen. There's not getting any performance from her in front of a camera. She wouldn't budge.

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