Monday, January 17, 2011

Those little angels can be little devils too...

There's no hiding it. Parrots can be little devils too. After all, parrot ownership is often compared to being parents of very small children - 3 to 5 year old children.

Today, I can't say my guys have been particularly well behaved.

I started a cold, which means I feel less than up to dealing with their occasional shenanigans. And of course this happens to be a week when the Boy is away to some warmer location for work.

Since I'm alone, I feel bad about leaving them in their cages all day so I let them out. While this morning wasn't too bad and they behaved reasonably well (this could do with the fact that they were up a bit before their normal week wake-up time and were still a bit groggy), I can't say I had angels when I let them out once I was back home from work. Being sick I'd rather let them do their own things than having them crawl on me but Joey would have none of it..he actually got a bit mean so in his cage he went (after I repetitively put him somewhere else). This meant Petey went in his cage as well as he was in the birdroom and I will not have one bird in it's cage while another is out and I didn't feel like dealing with him in the living room (aka being on constant guard for his aerial attacks). Then Zuri kept on chasing Pixel who ended up close to Shade repetitively and then they both wanted to attack each other and while I kept separating them, they kept trying to get at each other, so in they all went - as I was tired of running around. Poor Piper didn't do anything but at that point I just felt like resting.

When I went in to bring their supper, I was met with silence - Joey particularly looked apologetic if such a thing exists within parrots. They calmly sat there waiting for their food and then ate it silently.

So far, the evening time out is going relatively well.


Coco said...

Sounds like a rough day... but that they learned their lesson and gave you some peace and quiet at dinner time!!

Just realized I missed a ton of entries from you... I LOVE the "diabolical" photo as well as the babies you *nearly* brought home!!! :)

Natacha said...

Rough day yeah..I was exhausted from lack of sleep the night before and was not in the mood to deal with shenanigans (just felt like using the word!)

Things should be going better today - they were more than fine this morning and I feel much better and patience seems to have returned!

Oh and thanks! Love the pictures as well :)