Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent Crystal Bird Toys order and more presents for Miss Léa

Crystal recently had a sale going on. I believe it was 25% off everything.
Today, she hand delivered my order and there was a few surprises for Léa in it.

Firstly what I ordered.

The Scavenge

Beehive (minus plastic animal pieces)

Not sure of the name of this one - it's been discontinued.

Big Candy Pieces (balsa wrapped in paper)

Glo Stick

Crystal also included a free Animal Crackers foraging toy for Léa.

Now the other goodies that were sent for Léa. They were gifted by a Saroj and her flock, members of Avian Avenue.

Lullaby swing, gifted by Saroj.

Baby Bee, gifted from Jojo and Chickie (Caiques), Little Scooter and Jackson (Quakers), Big Scooter (Timneh African Grey) and Emily (Cockatiel).

Finally, the Leather Blooms, gifted by Rudy (Red-bellied parrot) who didn't want to share his toy giving credit with the other birds.

Thank you Saroj and flock! Thank you Crystal!

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