Monday, August 8, 2011

The birds approve of Crystal's Bird Toys!

Back in June I received an order from Crystal's Bird Toys. I had put the toys away for a bit but decided to start giving some out yesterday.

Since the ones I purchased mostly had nuts on them, and a very generous portion of nuts, I figured taking one out at the time and putting it in a common area so it could be shared was the best course of action.

So yesterday I put on of the "Biscotti" toys on one of the Wingdows and Zuri, Pixel and Joey all gave it a try. Zuri and Pixel didn't show too much patience and would go from one nut to the other while Joey worked on one nut alone, one that hadn't previously been tried by the other two, and he actually got to eat an almond. The toy did manage to keep their attention for a long time, even Zuri and Pixel although they didn't get an immediate reward. While the almonds were the main focus, they all enjoyed playing with the seagrass (the knots were particularly enticing to Zuri and Joey), the wooden beads and even the crinkle paper that stuck out at places.

The Biscotti was hung alongside another toy, which is basically strips of leather with wooden stars, and all three birds ignored the star toy and spent their time there chewing on the Biscotti toy!



Attacking the toy from all angles.


At first when he noticed I wanted to take pictures, he had to turn away from the toy...

..but eventually he gave in anyways!

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