Monday, August 15, 2011

Two orders in one!

I received two orders today!

First, some goodies from Things for Wings.

I finally got some Cherries foot toys - ever since I saw these were available I wanted to get some but kept postponing my next order. These might have been bought more for me than the birds...

Slim Stacks in ocotillo and elm.

Super Slim Stack in willow as well as a Slim Stack in cottonwood.

Some pecan "swings" - gifted by Danita. Thinking of using skewers and create a swing that way with them.

These are new beads Danita received and I think the birds will really enjoy them. They are rather thick so any of the birds can easily snap then, they have ridges which they seem to love on the beehive beads I already have..they are also available uncoloured, but I couldn't resist the coloured ones!

The "Cantaloupe" - got this one to hang from one of the Wingdows.

Danita had shipped my order a few days later after I made it. She said there had been some "complications" - well below are pictures of the "complications". Léa received once more a few gifts, this time from a friend named Kacy and her Cape Mali. Mali and Léa, whilst from two different clutches, were born around the same time (Mali being 9 days older than Léa) and therefore Kacy and I did share quite a bit during these last three months, waiting on our little girls to wean.

The title does refer to two orders so on top of receiving that T4W order today, I also got some Avian Organics mini Truffles that I ordered. Doris also included some free broken up Cupid Cookies. Eh, I don't mind them not being whole as I do break them up when I give them out. The Cupid Cookies bag was all shiny plastic so here is a picture of the Truffles.

Finally, the picture of Joey on his orange Oliver's Garden swing that I posted a few days ago made it to the Oliver's Garden website. He does look pretty good on the swing!

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Kacy said...

Great order!! I hope Lea enjoys her gift from Mali! :)