Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A few more Oliver's Garden goodies

A few weeks ago, Susan at Oliver's Garden was having a sale and since I had been eyeing a few items on the website for a bit, it was just an incentive to go on and order.

Amongst the few ordered things were two swings. Only Joey and Shade at this point didn't have their own Oliver's Garden swings. While Joey's was going to be straightforward as all the others, all I needed to do was chose a colour. I hesitated between orange (to match his belly) or green (to match the underside of his rump). Well having both an orange (Pixel's and Léa's) and green (Petey's) swing, I was able to try him out on them and the orange won. Shade's swing was going to be a bit more complicated - since she has a tendency to sometimes bring one of her back toes forward on her right foot (this stems from the leg injury she had as a baby), I wanted her 8" swing to be less wide to allow her to better perch on it with the toes in the proper alignment. I talked with Susan and she made it happen. I also wanted her swing in orange (as she looked pretty good on Pixel's).

I also got a few toys. Given Shade's love for Oliver's Garden pine in form of the Chunky Monkey toy, I wanted to try something different and see if I'd get the same result. The Chipping 101 toy seemed adequate and the pieces not too thick. I also liked the look of the Mackerel Snacker toy so I got one as well.

Because of what I've seen with the thicker Oliver's Garden toys I've got in the past and how they feel soft and probably easy to chew by all, I wanted to get some other thicker toys to put in a common area where the smaller Pois will be able to try chewing at them and where they'll also be within Léa's reach when she'll be here. I've been eyeing the shooting star toy for quite some time and I know the first thing to go will be the thinner wood pieces that are hanging and those will probably be chewed off by Shade as they remind me so much of the small Chunky Monkey blocks. The other toy is the Starfish. There is also one on the anchor swing I received for Léa in the last Oliver's Garden order I got.

Finally, I also ordered a soapbox perch for Piper (not yet on website), a few foot toys - Munchies (which I have more of (lower right corner), I just forgot to add them to the pile), some with no name (lower left corner, hollowed out branches with some beads inside, also not yet on website). I also got some coloured wood pieces, or Chippers (upper right corner) as they are known on the website and Susan included the natural medium Chunky Monkey pieces (upper left corner) so I can try them out with my birds and see how they enjoy them compared to the thinner pieces of the small Chunky Monkey.

I will add one last picture, which is of Joey on his swing. I showed it to him right as I was letting the birds out of their cages after dinner. He jumped on and was quite happy there. I took a few pictures and when we put the swing in his cage, we had to install it with Joey still on it, as he wasn't getting off. I really to think that orange was the right colour for him!

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Susan and Oliver said...

Glad you are happy with your order. Joey looks very good on his swing...love those eyes!