Friday, August 19, 2011

A weird week

Something is in the air.

The birds have been a tad weird this week. I do fear that heightened hormones season might be upon us...

For one, birds who normally were rather independent have all of a sudden become very needy - last night alone I had to share myself between 5 of them (which doesn't happen on a "regular" day as they all wanted their head scratched). But with this surge in attention demand also came some more aggression. Pixel and Zuri have been particularly bad with each other, alternating between who goes after who and this demands extra attention on my part. As well, Joey has been a bit more unpredictable and an unpredictable Joey is never a good thing.

Shade on the other hand is struggling between wanting to be around me and not - typically when hormones kick in for her, she becomes a bit more distant, but it seems that with all birds but Petey coming to me for extra attention, she has to continue to demand her share even if it doesn't look like she entirely wants to. It's a bit weird.

As for Piper, he's more needy than he usually is and he'll try to find ways to force me to scratch his head. While I don't mind doing it for a bit, I don't want to spend all my waking hours with the birds out doing this and it's a bit annoying.

Petey on the other hand is basically the same around me, which is that I constantly have to watch him while he's out, but he's been a bit more "difficult" with the Boy, specially when it comes time to go in his cage and not wanting to step up. A procedure that used to take a few minutes is now taking much longer.

Combine this with the fact that I am quite tired and looking forward to finally having some time off soon, I don't quite have patience right now to put up with the changes as I've done in the past. Luckily, vacation will come around the same time Léa is due home and that will help.

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