Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did someone say beads?!?

We are swimming in beads!

Yesterday, I received my order from Woodworks.

2300 beads of all kinds!

I didn't open all bags (they were packaged in bags of 100) since my container of loose beads was filling up to the brim rather rapidly!

All 500 oval beads (1/2" x 3/4")

200 of the 500 of one kind of small-ish round beads (5/8")

200 of 500 of the other kind of small-ish round beads (1/2")

100 of the 500 small bee hive beads (5/8")

All of the 100 small spools (5/8" x 1/2")

I also got these much larger beads for Léa, hopefully she'll like them (and they are in a different container than the rest of the beads)

All of the 100 very large (1") bee hive beads

All of the 100 very large (7/8") round beads

I should be good for beads for a while!

The only "drawback", and this is in quotes since it's more for me than the birds I'm sure, is that only come in natural, not coloured. I briefly thought of attempting to colour them myself, but the mess and time consumption that would surely come with that attempt probably isn't worth it, specially since the birds probably don't care when they are snapping away.

So natural they will remain!

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