Thursday, October 27, 2011

If the Boy heard it...

..then it must be true!

Léa said her name!

Amongst the usual greetings of "Hi Petey's" and "Hi Joey's" that are heard, often on a loop, as we enter our apartment, there was a loud "Léa".

I wasn't sure, but the boyfriend pointed it out as well without me saying anything...and if he heard it, than it's very likely that she did indeed say her name!


Coco said...

YAY!!! She is learning really quickly!!!

Tamara said...

Exciting :) My little BH said 'Nite nite,' the other day and I about fell over...except I was already lying down.

Natacha said...

@Coco - it seems that way! She's also started doing many more of the "Cape noises" I've read about!

@Tamara - How cute of Finn!