Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall & Halloween order from Crystal's Bird Toys

Crystal from Crystal's Bird Toys recently had a sale on her Fall and Halloween toys. I had wanted to order a few of these toys since they came out, but wanted to wait a bit before putting in an order. However, given the sale, I couldn't help but order then, even if it was sooner than I had planned.

What I got -

Witch Brew - one for Léa and one for Shade, my two biggest bead fiends!

Fall Harvest - Got 5 of these, one each for Shade, Zuri, Pixel, Joey & Petey

The Great Pumpkin - Got 4 of these, one each for Zuri, Pixel, Joey & Petey

Cornucopia Feast - for Léa

A freebie - might give it to Piper since the yucca and small popsicle sticks might be something he will destroy and lately he's showed that he loves to chew on seagrass.


Tamara said...

Okay, I'm totally going to have to place an order with Crystal's Bird Toys, even though I'm in the US. I've ordered French tea from Canada, because I couldn't find it in the US, so why not AWESOME bird toys. These all look so perfect for Finn :)

Natacha said...

She's shipped quite a few orders to the States and does try to find cheaper shipping. I just gave everyone a toy and last time I checked, Joey's and Lea's toys were well on their way to being reduced to nothing!