Saturday, October 1, 2011

Léa is rather mechanically inclined

I actually shared the following on one of the parrot forums I'm on earlier in September. Why I didn't post to the blog then I'm not too sure.

One evening when we got home after work, I got Léa out of her cage and brought her into the bedroom (her wingdow is there and her quarantine cage is still set up with a parrot tower table top on top). The Boy then got the others and let them out in the living room.

A few minutes later, he emailed me (which I guess is more civilized than screaming across the apartment) the following:

"Did you notice that Léa undid the ends of the rope perch that goes from the front to the back of her cage and that it was laying on the bottom of here cage?"

So my first thought at the time was that she had destroyed the rope portion of the perch..and no I had not noticed!

I couldn't resist, I went in the birdroom to have a look.

She by no means destroyed the perch. She undid the perch where it was meant to be attached, undoing the part that held it to the cage.

You can see here how it attaches - the top knob is tightened on once the slit is put over a cage bar.

How exactly she did that, on both ends, is beyond me as the attachment piece is on the outside of the cage and it had to be awkward to use that big beak in the space between the bars..

Mechanically inclined she is.

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