Sunday, October 23, 2011

Léa loved her diner!

Her beak is a mess (although when I tried taking a picture earlier she wiped her beak on cage bars) and her feet are too!

Tonight the birds got Mayan Gourmet Mash from Avian Organics and I gave Léa quite a bit of it - she cleaned out her bowl and barely anything could be found on the floor of her cage so..

I feed the birds around 6pm. Léa normally comes back out between 8pm and 8:30pm, and I weigh her then, which is at least an hour and a half after she's done eating or so..

Her weight at that time has been around 303g on average. Tonight? 311g!

A picture of her messy beak, post-wipe though. You can also see some food on her foot..

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HungryBird said...

Haha I love messy beak pictures! It is pretty impressive that she ate that much. Sounds like she is not picky at all! My birds absolutely looove Mayan Gourmet Mash as well. It is one of the only foods that makes Romeo and Juliet empty their entire bowl. No matter how much I give them it is always gone quickly. Of course they do leave bits of Mayan Gourmet Mash all over the cage, floor, and wall...