Saturday, December 14, 2013

Morning cuddlebugs

The birds were mostly fairly well behaved this morning (save for the Meyer's, with Zuri going nuts with high pitch calls and Petey attempting an opportunistic divebomb in my direction when another bird took flight (and therefore distracted us for 2 seconds)).

However, as I said, most of them were nicely behaved with quite a few being cuddle bugs; Piper, as he is most days; Shade,who, over the last few weeks, would rather play than spend time on me, decided to spend most of her time out of cage on my shoulder, nestled against my neck; Joey & Pixel, who also thought it was a perfect preening morning but had to do so as close as they could to me; and finally Léa, who like the Red bellies thought it was a good morning to take care of those pin feathers.

In the case of Léa, when she thought she needed some help with the ones she couldn't reach, she actually came and leaned against my chest; kinda hard to resist scratching her head when she's like that! And she couldn't look any happier when I did oblige.

If they could be like this every morning (well minus the high pitch calls and dive bombing attempt), I wouldn't complain!

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