Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bath preparation

This is what Piper was looking at - a water bowl.

He wanted to drink water out of my glass, which generally means that he wanted to take a bath (drinking water always ends with him trying to bath in my glass of water) so before he got a chance to try, we got him a shallow bowl with some water.

You will notice that there is a hand near the bowl - that is the Boy's hand. In order for Piper to actually take a bath in such a dish, we need to keep the water moving (tapping at the surface). He'll then start a dance around the dish (which can take a while) before slowly starting to go in (and finishing with a splash).

Pictures of the actual bath will come later.

I'm also going to be trying something different with the picture layout on the blog. Although I generally upload pictures that are 500 pixels on the long side, the uploader tool re-sizes them to 320 pixels on the long side and I eventually change the numbers so that the pictures end up being 400 pixels on the long side. But I do seem to lose some clarity when I do this so I'll keep the pictures smaller and will also keep them centered. I was toying with the idea for a bit, then thought I'd start with the new year but then figured why not start now...

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GuineaPigster said...

Aww! He is so lucky to live with you and your caring feathered family. :)