Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 365 Parrots book - 2012 edition

It's here! Well, it's been here for quite a few days now, but I only got around to posting about it now.

Late in November, I tackled making a book with pictures from my family's vacation to Europe last September, so I could give it to them for Christmas. Making that book reminded me that I had intended to do the same with my pictures from my 365 parrots project; taking one picture a day of one of my parrots during the whole of 2012. Since I was on a roll (and got used to the software with the first book), I figured I might as well tackle this one.

Ironically, although it was completed and ordered a few days after I was the done with the book with pictures from our trip, due to some issues with Canada Post, I got this book on the same day as the other.

Both books looked great, and I was quite amazed that colours were generally quite true to what they looked like on my monitor.

I had initially wanted a cover with a picture with most of the birds, and that would be picture #365, but because of how it was created, and the size of the book I ordered, the file resolution wasn't good enough so I ended up chosing one of my favourite pictures of the project for the cover.

I actually tried the following picture as the cover first, but it worked much better as the back of the book.

Here are a few sample from some of the page layouts from within the book; I didn't really chose them, I just flipped pages at random and took pictures as is.

I am quite proud of the end result and I have to say, it's making me thinking about attempting the project again next year (with certain caveats) so that I can end up with a similar, yet different book.

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Coco said...

I LOVE it!! What a brilliant idea!!