Saturday, December 14, 2013

Slowly learning names

Léa is slowly getting around to learning the names of everyone in the flock.

She's got her name down (I think it was the first one she picked up), that was followed by Piper and then eventually by Petey (with whom she has some "Hi Petey!" conversation, back and forth, not always to Petey's liking I think).

According to the Boy, who generally hears more of her talking (although she picks up what I say and generally talks with my intonation), she's slowly getting Petey's "Hi Petey"pitch down; Petey says it in a high voice, while she generally was using a low voice. It appears that today, she said it in a way that is very similar to Petey's (nearly confusing the Boy).

It also appears that she's picked up Joey's name (as well as Joeyjojo, something we often call Joey) and said it a few times tonight.

Wondering when she'll start saying Shade, Pixel and Zuri's name/nicknames. I guess I'll need to put an emphasis on those.

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