Friday, April 25, 2014

And this makes seven

And therefore my "collection" is complete.

What am I talking about?

Aluminum travel cages!

Except in my case it hasn't so much to do with travel as it has to do with bringing the birds outside when it is nice and warm so that they can enjoy some sun while being safe. The addition of this new silver cage means I now have one for every parrot I own.

Unlike most of the others, I didn't wait for a sale. When we moved into the house, I originally was still toying with the idea of having an enclosed deck outside where I could bring the birds out without having to put them in cages. However, now that we are actually going forward with getting something built right there, given the small space we have and comparing cost between a stone patio and a deck, the stone patio is the option we are going with. Which means no enclosed area that could act as an aviary, which means I'll need to continue using cages.

It is actually better this way; had we gone with the enclosed deck, there really wouldn't have been enough space for the birds to fly and I would have had to continue with only bringing a few out at a time; with the travel cages, everyone can come out together.

Because I wasn't ordering when there was a sale, I asked for a specific colour. It works out so that all my female birds get a silver cage and the males all get a blue cage. I didn't want to wait for sale, not because it would have meant likely another blue cage, but rather because of increasing rumours that what stock there is of the cages now is what is left, until Kings Cage can find another manufacturer to replace the one they used to use. In fact, I paid less for this cage than it is being sold on King's website (if you factor in currency conversion) and was told by the vendor I purchased it from that prices will have to go up for these cages - so even if it wasn't a sale, I beat the price hike!

So all I need now is some warm weather to bring the birds out!

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