Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lobsters, and crabs, and bugs, oh my!

What does any of that have to do with parrots?

Well everything, when ordering ("too cute I probably won't want to give it to the birds") birds toys from Oliver's Garden!

The plural is a little much, as in most cases I only got one, but it sounded better and it made for a somewhat creative title!

Susan was having a 10% off sale. And while the title of the blog post is somewhat descriptive of what I got, here are some pictures!

"Jimmy Halfa Lobster"

A toy I've wanted for some time - I mean how could you not want this? - and I finally gave into the temptation. If I ever concede about letting this one go (and I will try very hard to do so), I think he'll end up in Joey's cage. That just seems like the right match!

"U Crabby - Medium"

I have a large version of this toy, bought for Léa. I still haven't given it up. I'm not sure I'll be able to part with this cuter and smaller version. Although the wood is a little thick for them, the bright yellow and blue combination makes me think this should end up in one of the Meyer's cages. Actually, the fact that the wood is a little thick might be a good thing because I could give it to either of those birds and U Crabby will last a little longer and I won't feel guilty about holding onto it!

"Bugs!" (and some other foot toy)

I believe these are the newest addition in Susan's every growing collection of adorable toys - and yes, I just said bugs are adorable! One is called Centipede (left) and the other Housefly (right).

That covers the title of the post, but I also get a few more items.

Ring Swing 5"

Piper needed a new swing. His old one was yellow, we went with blue this time. A nice bright blue.

Chunky Monkey - medium

Of course, can't make an order without getting few additional Chunky Monkeys, a favourite of Shade's.

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