Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We have two Joeys!

There was a recent celebration in our house and, since it hasn't anything to do directly with the birds, it generally wouldn't be shared here. However...this was the cake.

Yup, the Boy decided to get a cake topped with a parrot, and not just any parrot, Joey. 

Initially, it was apparently supposed to be two-dimensional (as in the decoration flat on top of the cake), but then the person who made the cake went all out.

There was even details on the wings and, my favourite part, the "Joey feathers" were there on his head! (aka those little orange feathers).

Joey wasn't too sure what to make of this larger version of himself.

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Erika Garcia said...

hahahaha <3 the cake!! and love even more joey's expression, especially in the last photo of the set :)