Tuesday, April 1, 2014


It *finally* looks like Spring might have shown itself outside...and I hope it stays like that!

Either way, the birds seems to have decided it was time for Spring.

How can I tell?

Well, it's not hormones, although it appears that Petey might be starting that "special" dance again.

No...it's the piles of feathers everywhere. They are molting, some birds more heavily than others. Shade is definitively one being hit hard by a molt right now - every day I see a bunch new feathers out, although she still looks great. She's also a little grumpier, which is her typical attitude when she's molting, especially if some new flight feathers are coming in. She's also going through toys like crazy lately!

Léa has also shed a fair number of feathers lately, but isn't as keen on destroying toys.

Zuri, Piper and both Red-bellies have been extra pinny, and have requested lots more head rubs to help get rid of those pesky feather casings that they can't reach.

But at least they are fairly well behaved still!

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