Monday, April 14, 2014

A downside of Spring

I don't think I can complain much because I've got some pretty well behaved birds overall so far (I should go knock on some wood now).

However, one downside is that, over the past week, Petey has reverted to his old ways and started to more consistently dive-bomb me every time he's out of his cage with me around. He doesn't do it right away, he generally does this when there is ten to fifteen minutes left to his time out of the cage. So far, no damage has been done, as I've been pretty good about getting a pillow between him and I as he flies my way and, for once, I'm quite happy with the fact that we have split the Littles in two groups when it comes time to coming out of the cages, meaning Zuri no longer swoops in for an attack on Petey at the same time.

I'm hoping this is all very temporary and that we'll be back to him simply ignoring my existence.

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