Saturday, November 6, 2010

You can't change a Shade...

So in the past I had placed a small stainless steel bowl up high on the left hand side of Shade's cage for pellets. Well, she would use this bowl to eat the pellets as well as to destroy some wood in it - the end result being the pellets mixed in with some wood chips.

Seeing how she enjoyed chewing wood above a bowl, I figured I'd buy her a slightly larger stainless steel bowl, install it on the left hand side of her cage, at about the same height as the small one was, put some wood pieces in there for her to chew and moved the pellet bowl to the other side of her cage, where there are less wooden toys, in an effort to not have wood chips mingle with the pellets.

This was good for about a week.

This morning, I went to see how many pellets she had left and if they required to be changed...and guess what was in the bowl as well. Yes...wood chips. She had dragged a full size individual wood block from Mother Plucking - the full size one, not the mini - and started to destroy it there.

There's just no changing her..

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Meg said...

Shade says he is right, like deer and beavers, he thinks food is better with some roughage thrown in!