Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CPC - More pictures

These pictures have their own post since they were taken by someone else...since I'm on them. My boyfriend was nice enough to handle the camera while I held a few of the birds.

First off, Shorty. So hilarious. Would go to anyone and say "Oui oui oui oui" when asked if he spoke French (in French of course).

The next two are of Jazz and I. Jazz was the female Hyacinth Macaw. She was on me for a good half hour. We started with her on my arm and she got her head scratched for quite a bit.

Not sure if the picture truly shows how much she just laid her head in my hand. At one point she did wrap her beak around my hand, which had me a bit nervous, but she was very gentle and quickly just went back at resting her head in my hand.

Eventually though..she decided to go up my arm and rest on my shoulder. I NEVER had a macaw on my shoulder before - and this was rather intimidating. Not being a fan of having birds I don't know up there, much less some how hold that much power in their beak...I do have to say I relaxed a bit when it was obvious that she was just perching there with no other intent.


Coco said...

Seriously, I have a BIG crush on shorter. I would love to hear a French-speaking Caique!!!!!!! :)

Nikki said...

Love all the pics, especially the 3rd.

Lifeistemporary said...

lol! that is too funny that the caique says that. the macaw is absolutely gorgeous - i love those.