Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You can't change a Shade... with pictures!

A little earlier this week, I posted about how Shade had a peculiar habit of chewing wood over her pellet bowl and how i had purchased a different bowl just to hold her wood pieces and how I moved her pellet bowl on the other side of her cage.

The end result being that she just lugged a rather large piece of wood (such as a regular size Mother Pluckin' wood block) from one side of her cage to the other.

Well. Turns out MP wood blocks aren't the only things getting this "treatment".

Last Sunday this is what I came home to...

While I know that this is by far not the best picture I ever took, look at what is coming out of the bowl..and this would be her pellet bowl.

Yes, it's a piece of wood. A piece that had been taken off another toy but which still had plenty of opportunities to be chewed down do a pulp.

Just to give you a better grasp of the size of it..

The end result? Look at the mix of pellets and wood. (The pellets are Zupreem Avian Entrées Wild and Spicy..there was some Roudybush in there at one point, got all eaten I guess.)

The following is one of the things I came to last night - her pellet bowl having suffered the same treatment as before and all the pellets were now eaten... was also a night of first. For the first time, she did this to her seed bowl.

This bowl also happens to be on the other side of the cage from where the wood bowl is, but unlike the pellet bowl which is situated about the same height as the wood bowl, this one is situated much further down in the cage.

Anyone want to venture a guess as to why she is doing this??


Caitlin said...

Nesting perhaps? Charlie has been in mating mode for a couple of weeks, maybe it's that time of year?

Coco said...

Lola does this too. What bothers me even more is that now she seems to LOVE to do it in her water bowl-- or rather, she likes to DIP her colored wood foot toys into her water bowl and dye her water!!! I have come home to pink, blue, orange, green water this week!! Driving me nuts.