Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a female Red-bellied parrot who happens to be Joey and Pixel's sister.
No I did not add to my flock...Lucy lives in Guelph with Laura, someone I met on a bird forum. Laura and Lucy are in Guelph and since I was there over the week-end for the Canadian Parrot Conference, I got to meet Lucy, as well as Laura's Senegal, Jessie, and Meyer's, Kylie.

The three of them were a little shy, but I got Lucy to dance with me and eventually she came out of her cage. Jessie and Kylie didn't want to come out, but I still got to convince Jessie that I can do a good job at scratching a bird's head and got the privilege to scratch his, which apparently is a feat done by few so I do feel a honoured that he let me do it.

I got a few pictures of Lucy while she was out of her cage...

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