Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sulky Pixel

I think Pixel was a bit crossed with me..see how she's either decisively looking away from me or glaring at me when she does start looking my way..

Prior to these pictures having been taken, she had jumped on Shade and was probably wanting to start a fight - however I had intervene and just scooped up Pixel and put her in her cage for a few minutes.
The pictures were taken after she came back out, seemingly upset with me.

It's now an hour or so later and she's now trying to get my attention once more with her cute little sounds. I guess all is forgiven.

1 comment:

Saemmabel said...

Pixel is simply exerting her rights to be the gorgeous feathered diva that we all know her to be! You are now in good standing with her! Haha!