Friday, November 19, 2010

Another money spending moment

Avian Avenue, one of the forums on which I'm more active, is having it's Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale. What does this mean? It means that some of the vendors that happen to be members offer deals for a limited time. Past ones have been for a day, this one is on for TWO days. It has started today and keeps on going until the end of the day tomorrow.

I've done my spending.

With a friend (sharing shipping costs is fun!), I've ordered from Mother Plucking Bird Toys (MPBT) and California Bird Nerds (CABirdNerds).

From MPBT I've got a few refill kits with different types of woods, specially the mini maze munchers. The regular size have been a success so far, I can only imagine how a smaller and easier to hold version will be even more accepted by the boids.

From CABirdNerds I have ordered a large amounts of different types of wood as well as some paper rope and some leather rope to string them up.

I have also ordered from Pet Products By Nature (PPBN) - this is a first. I have got some natural wood coins in the past from Things for Wings, since they were sold in smaller quantities there and Things for Wings also happens to be a Canadian store (easier on shipping). Well, seeing how loved the cottonwood and willow coins were by my flock, I decided it was time to order large quantities so with PPBN I went!

And speaking of Things for Wings, I did also order a few custom toys seeing how all the other custom toys I've seen Danita make have been thoroughly awesome, I figured why not offer more awesome toys to my guys?

Hopefully this load of wood/toys will last me a while...

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