Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beads, beads, beads!

So I succumbed to the latest trend of buying beads to make foot toys for my birds.
Beads have always been a favorite here, when being offered a new toy with beads on it it's generally the first thing my guys go and chomp off.

After shopping around, it seems like the best deal I could find were the beads available at "Les Jouets Rosie". Nice vivid beads that have been proved to be a definite favorite here (one of their Rosie swing used to have beads on it and the always appreciated "Balsa en Folie" also comes with some of them).

I ordered 500. Somehow, when I received my package yesterday I was somewhat underwhelmed at how very little 500 wooden beads ended up being...(which I think is because I had a mental image of it being much more...)

I also started stringing up a few foot toys together yesterday night. Shade, looking intrigued, was offered one...

..before dropping it. But what is rejected by one bird gets quickly picked up by another..

Here are a few of the foot toys I've made - paulie rope isn't always easy to tie up.

This particular one I call the "Joey model" - while in most cases all I did was string up beads one after the other, for the ones I'll give Joey I added extra knots in between each bead since he enjoys undoing knots so much.


Nikki said...

Great toys & photos! I have never really checked out Rosie's site, it is really cute they have great stuff.

Coco said...

I love Rosie stuff-- her dyes are SO vibrant and beautiful!! I wish it made sense for me to order from her (financially) but because she's in Canada it really doesn't, unless it's something I truly can't get here :(

HungryBird said...

I love your photos and I like the toys you made. Are their beaks strong enough to break the beads? My guys cannot.

Natacha said...

@ Nikki - thanks! I do love the Rosie toys :)

@ coco - I kinda feel the same way about a lot of stores in the states..

@ hungrybird - my guys snap those beads rather easily. mind you, the beads are made of a soft-ish wood I think.