Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Avian Organics order

My first November post! November is good - November = Canadian Parrot Conference!

Anyways, back at the subject at hand, I received an order of goodies from Avian Organics.

From left to right:

-Flatbread Fusions (Pomegranate flavour)
-Mayan Crunch (a gift - and possibly the best thing, love the Mayan Crunch! (and so does the boy who requested we keep this for ourselves...))
-Veggie Wedges (been wanting to try these for a while)
-Bolivian Bliss
-Bolivian Blast (took me a while to notice the different names, I stuck to the "Bolivian" part and wondered why the packages looked so different..)
-Cupid Cookies
-Andean Ambrosia

My gift - or should I say gifts (yes I got gifts, part of something that was going on on one of my parrot forums) - were two DVDs (which I do not already own) and one very cute (early) Christmas card (this is definitively putting me more in a festive mood than the fake Christmas tree already set up at the Shopper's where the post office is...they had Christmas decorations next to the left over Halloween stuff..great...anyways enough rambling, here's a picture)

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