Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Shade used to say a few words - a lot.

Eventually, the amount of talking she would do diminished and until she wouldn't say any human words at all.

It was ok, I didn't get my birds so they would talk, it never was a requirement.

However, something happened this morning that makes me believe that like Joey (who had also stopped saying his "Hey Joey!" for a while) that it might come back.

The birds are in their cages right now and in the last 20 minutes, I've heard three very distinct "Bisou!" (Kiss in French) from Shade. Each time I answered back to her with the same word. Of all things she used to say, it was my favorite, as she puts a lot of emphasis on it and it's adorable. I've been repeating it to her a lot lately, requesting beak kisses from her so maybe that is why she started again, who knows.

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HungryBird said...

Aw that is really cute! I would love to hear her say that!