Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Things for Wings Toys!

A little while ago, I made an order at Things 4 Wings. It arrived today!
I ordered one full size toy, some foot toys as well as some foot toy making supplies.

The "Pretty Noisy" - which was much bigger than I thought it would be.

The foot toys - a few "Wiener Wraps" and a "Hall Pass"

Along with these beads, I also ordered a spool of leather rope but forgot to take a picture of it..

The order took a little while longer to get to me since it came with some gifts! This time, Maya who I've known for a few years through a few different forums got some gifts for my flock.

This one is for Piper, the big "Autumn Maya". I wanted to take a picture of Piper next to it, but given it was taller and wider than him, he was a bit uncooperative.

She also got, for the "Poi flock" this "Fall Shenanigans" - it's quite beautiful I find.

I tried having Shade model next to the toy but she would have none of it. Joey kept hovering so we put him close and when it came time to show off..well he didn't really.

Finally, after a few minutes of just staring at the toy, he approached it and starting chewing at the balsa.

Thanks Maya!

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