Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One month!

It's been one month, day for day, since Léa came home.

Somehow, it went by fast yet, doesn't feel like it's been a month. It's weird.

We are progressing with her introduction to the flock, albeit it being at a slow pace. She's in the same room as the other birds but so far, time out of the cage is still done separate - either she's in a different room with the Boy or I while the other is with the rest of the flock (which is normally in the morning and the first hour after we get back from work) or she waits in her cage while the others come out and later on she comes out while the others go in (which is generally the after diner routine during the week).

She's gotten more assertive, is definitively more comfortable with her surroundings and with the Boy and I. She is starting to test boundaries but is being taught what she can and cannot do. She's picking stuff up pretty quickly.

She's started to put on weight as well, since her arrival, she's been up by about 10g. It was a slow progression but that is fine. We are now constantly slightly above the 300g mark which is good.

I think she's growing attached to us - in the morning, when she's out with the Boy and I go say hi after putting the others back in their cage she always seems happy to see me. In the afternoon, while out alone with me she often "throws" herself in my arms for cuddle sessions. She's also quite obsessed with being on the Boy when he does the dishes in the evening, that seems to be their thing. She wants to be with us, it's cute. Yet, she's still quite capable of entertaining herself with toys when she needs to.

I've also slowly been introducing her to laying on her back in my hand and we are making progress on that front. I'm also getting her used to me manipulating her all over, including lifting her wings and holding them up, something birds don't seem all that comfortable with. She's using her beak a lot to test things, but she's good about how much pressure she applies (after I did a lot of "gentle" sessions with her).

All in all, I'm quite happy with her progression!

Such a silly face!


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